Trakced, Articulated, Flatbed

Some month ago, I found a random image of what looks like an exploration truck.

arctic_truckThe inspiration.

I had since in project to make a 6×6 arctic truck mounted on tracks. Initially the plan was to take the cabin from the Arocs 42043, maybe a tool, and be fully remote controlled. A sort of big brother for the 42069 I still not have bought.
But when I get back on this idea, i preferred a small size vehicle two reason: Firstly, i do not have enough info on the real machine so impossible to use it as reference (and a google image research didn’t helped). Secondly, I had another project in progress and still not have dismantled my 42055, so I was short on part.

Some choices have been made:

  • A classical front wheel steering would have been possible, but very fragile due to the size of the vehicle. And I will need a pivot + linear actuator system for a future project, so it was a good opportunity to use it.
  • No differential, because I’m lazy and again size matters.
  • Suspension if possible
  • Tracks, of course.

Here is what came out of my genius brain:

The full album is available on FlickR.

Power function part used :

  • 1x PF-M for Steering trough mini Linear Actuator
  • 1x PF-M for AWD propulsion without differential
  • IR receptor
  • Rechargeable battery

Unfortunately/fortunately, after I had finished this little boi, I found a new picture of the real vehicle. But not searching with “arctic/exploration truck”, I had all wrong since the beginning. This thing is actually a Oilfield flatbed truck: the Cossack from ATK.

Guess what ? It will soon be a real thing.

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