Aicraft Super Tug-1X

You may remember I have a particular affection for the ugly and/or strange vehicles.
One of my favorite of all time is the aircraft super tug AST-1X 1360 from Goldhofer. Why? Because it looks like nothing else. 6x6x6 wheels, all imaginable steering mode, enough power to tow the biggest A380 fully loaded.

with cateringwith catering

I already made a try to build it in 2016, but I encountered too much issues: the frame was not stiff enough for the heavy chassis; the gear can’t forward all the power to the wheels so it was bending and not drivable.

The full album is available on FlickR.

The 2017 has a major change: it is built like an exoskeleton. There is no chassis inside; it’s the exterior panels that support all the loads.

DSC_0200 DSC_0202
DSC_0205 DSC_0199

The truck is motorized and controlled through a Sbrick module:

  • PF-XL for propulsion
  • PF-M for steering trough linear actuator
  • PF-M to close the gate
  • PF-M to lift the aircraft wheels

DSC_0219 img_9436
DSC_0217 DSC_0218

Regarding the aircraft’s wheel, the system can adjust to the type of aircraft: the gate are close by worms gear mounted on clutch, during the same time a linear actuator pushed the shield to come closer to the wheel.

DSC_0206 DSC_0209
DSC_0222 copie

Even if the MOC is one of my favorite, I may restart the AST-1X one day. Firstly to make it with blue/white Fraport color scheme, and secondly to finally make it all wheel drive and all wheel steering.

Family picture with the other airport truck:

with catering

And you probably have seen its twin on Youtube. I call it twin because the two AST were release few days apart.

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