Wheel Loader and Wheel Dozer

Long time ago, I built a motorized wheel dozer powered by Buwizz . It was not really based on a real machine even if it has a CAT 854 inspiration.
Long story short, the CAT 854 shares a common basis with a CAT 992. The rear (engine) part is similar, but the forward chassis is different to accommodate a dozer blade instead of a bucket. And this, is the idea behind the Moc: a common basis for a wheel loader and dozer.

Common engine

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The rear chassis has been designed to fit both vehicle. It accomodates a large operator cabin with access ladder and platform and a V8 engine accessible by opening the radiator and panels.
The steering is made by a HOG on top of the cabin, and two gear will be used to actuates the loader or dozer part.

Wheel Loader

The loader part is directly inspired by a CAT 992G, with a single arm actuated by two linear actuator. A third CA tilts the bucked.

Wheel Dozer

The dozer fwd chassis is a direct re-use of the old wheel dozer MOC except that the blade is no longer motorized by a PF-servo bat manually actuated through a mini-LA.

Pros and cons

The idea behind the Moc was good. In a way that’s what LEGO does with some B-model which shares a common chassis with the main model.
The only drawback I honestly find to my Moc is that they are not motorized and thus, the playability is bad. For all other aspects, I did a superb work.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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