Tow truck trilogy

Common Chassis

Initially, I was planning to build only one truck. But during the building process I had to change the length and configuration several time. A simple idea popped-up in my genius brain: create a chassis + motor + driver cab that can accommodate several configurations and attachment.

Challenge accepted. The design of the chassis allows a very-short config (using 5L beam) up to a very long one (15L beam). It can support from 1 to 3 driving axle at the rear, and both short cab and cabin with sleeper compartment can be installed on all configurations
There is a HOG steering and the hood can be tilted to reveal a functional fake 6-cylinder engine with fan.

It can also accomodate a cabover, if you need a shorter truck.
truck chassistruck chassis_4truck chassis_2

The Holmes Truck

History section: Ernest W. Holmes was he inventor of the first tow truck. Hefounded Ernest Holmes Co, which still spiritually lives on through Miller Industries. (Wikipedia)
The Holmes “long nose” truck uses a 7L chassis and a short cab while the “cabover” version in mounted on a 5L chassis . The attachment is pinned to the chassis.
The towing tool is directly inspired by Holmes real truck with a double boom and winch that can each be rotated on the side to recover flipped vehicle.
Holmes Tow Truck_2Holmes Tow Truck
Holmes CaboverHolmes Cabover

The Heavy truck

The heavy uses a 15L chassis and a cab with sleeper compartment.
The attachment is inspired by modern tow truck. It features a main arm (not telescopic due to the scale of the model) with two winches and a car/truck support hinged tool.

Instruction for the Holmes trucks should be available soon on Rebrickable.
Thank you for reading !

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