[Idea] Foremost Commander C & Magnum

In the next coming days I will hopefully be able to complete, photography and published the big version of the Cossack.
But while doing some search about the real machine so you can have technical fact, I found new inspiration for future project.

Foremost Commander C Tri-axle (2011)


OK this is not completely a new project it has a lot of similarity with the Cossack: articulated oilfield bed truck etc. But the rear tri-axle is inspiring and I’d like to try it. The cabin also is different so a little rework on the front end.
A video here (the only I’ve been able to found) – starting at 2:28.

Foremost Magnum (1991)

foremost magnum
From the same manufacturer than the Commander, the Magnum was a 70t transportation vehicle equipped with a 485hp Detroit Diesel engine, a central articulation for steering and a tandem double cab. And the load transported above its head. There is still some info to be found like the presence of winch of other equipment, but it’s a good point to start.
The difficulty will be the dimension of the truck, the body frame is very thin so difficult to integrate battery, engine, etc. Scale will have to be choose wisely.

Video – From 0:00 to 0:14

A friendly Reminder: These are just idea for future construction; it doesn’t mean they will be built. However, if you like these ideas and want to build it before I do, no problem, but I would appreciate if you can link this site as inspiration 🙂

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