The Tracked Loader

The tracked loader is the merging of two parts lying on my desk for weeks now: the bucket from the 42030 Volvo set and the track system from the Cossack.
The Cossack and its tracks are perfect for muddy and unstable terrain, so let’s try a modified wheel loader equipped with the same tracks.


In real life application, I guess there is not +real+ advantage to use rubber or metal track instead of wheels as I only found few application:
An old Caterpillar 988 (source

The Norcar 4T

And the Huddig 1260 “Muddy mary”


The design is based on what makes a common wheel loader: an all wheel drive articulated vehicle with a big bucket at the front.

All the images are available on FlickR

The loader is so all wheel/track drive. The front axle is rigid and not suspended while the rear axle is pendular.

The steering is done through two mini LA. Particularity of the design, on motor is fixed on the forward part of the loader and moves inside the rear part (between the ladders) during steering.

The bucket can be elevated thanks to two Linear Actuators. The tilting is done through a LA.


The cabin is minimalistic with a seat and (fake) steering wheel. There is also on access ladder on each side and platform with hand rail to access the hood. The hood is openable and reveals the exhaust, the V6 engine (see at the end of the post) and the Buwizz controller.

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The rear of the loader has few details such as a radiator grill and tail light.

What’s inside ?

There is 4 PF-M motor used in this MOC, one for each function:
– Propulsion
– Steering through two mini-LA
– Elevation of the bucket through two LA
– Tilting of the bucket through on LA
All the functions are controlled through a single BuWizz.

The engine.

The V6 engine has been designed once all the motor and Buwizz were installed. As a consequence, only a 5×8 studs hole was available. The V6 engine fits in this space and is functional. See the video here below for more detail.
Thank you for reading !