The Formula De Vil

The De Vil is not a real project. I will sum up that thing like a challenge. It was built in the context of the Eurobrick TC12 contest, that has been disappointing on many point, but it’s not the topic of this post.

The challenge here is more aesthetic than technic. It is just a car with wheels. Integrate two engine and build the car around that smiley face was the fun part.

DSC_0235The full album is available on FlickR.

Remember that I’m lazy ? Great, here is the description from Eurobrick :

The Formula De Vil is a racer, built to take great start, run fast, turn fast. And eventually be the last car standing at the end.

    • Aerodynamic profile;
    • Lateral air intake;
    • Rear spoiler
    • Forward L6 engine combined with an Aft V12 engine

The De Vil is built to have a pilot (human or any other biped):

    • CockpitAntenna for communication with team


Safety is always a priority, the De Vil is built to keep its pilot alive
– Cabin rollbar
– Head /daylight, Rear light and upper position light


+The wacky thing : The De Vil is built to kick your ass.

  • Side punch on each side to clear the road and push you out of the way.
    In case someone forgot a trap on the road, the De Vil can extend its arm (one on each side) to clear the way. It can also, if a friendly concurrent stay on the track, kindly ejects it out of the way.”


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