Snow Groomer #1

I grew up between two mountains, a few kilometers from the nearest ski station. So I spent almost all winter from my youth on skis, and with a particular affection for snow and snow machines.
The snow groomer is one of my favorite machines ever, for this reason. Want a nice videos? Here.

Lego released the set 8263 long time ago, at a moment when Lego have not came back yet into my life. So I bought it years after it was initially released. And this set, except the cabin and front tool has nothing good. SO, time to improve it by myself.

02_front-left 03_aft-right
The full album is available on FlickR.

What has been done ?

  • Well. The cabin inspired from old Pistenbully is the best part of the initial set. So, didn’t touch it. Except to add PF-LED.
  • The track have been enlarged and tires have been added to look like real machine.
  • Rear tool has been completely modified. I like the yellow.
  • A winch has been added, but essentially for cosmetic purpose.



  • The two tracks are powered by the subtractor system inspired from Sariel’s work. 1 PF-XL for the main power and 1 PF-L for the Steering.
  • The front tool is actuated by a PF-L through Linear actuator.
  • The rear tool is actuated by a PF-M through Linear actuator.
  • The battery box, PF-IR receptors and all the wires are hidden under the (manual) winch system


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