[Idea] Terex AT-40

Last september Terex has launch its last Pick&Carry crane, but in larger format.

The AT-40 is planned to be a 6×6 articulated truck with a 40t capacity crane. Some preliminary technical specs here and the video from the launch:


If you have a good memory, I already built this year Terex’s crane, the MAC 25-3. What are the main difference/potential issues to build the AT 40:

  • The wheels. Front and rear axles are not at the same dimension. I know that wheels are always an issue when you try to make a realistic looking truck, so here double dose of issue.
  • Motorized or not. I like motors, power functions can make a great result – probably with the help of SBrick, for the minimum 5 function : propulsion, steering, raise/lower the boom, cable, extend the telescopic part. But hey, why make it simple and manually operated like the catering truck? It can even go on Lego Ideas if concluent.
  • The scale. I first though I would plan to make a “classical” 19-stud large truck. Yes but if it is motorized all the motor will not fit. Or it will be ugly like its predecessor.
  • 6×6 or not. The real truck is, but if not motorized there’s no need.
  • How the f*ck will I build this telescopic crane boom?



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