Crash & Salvage crane

A Crash Handling & Salvage Crane, for example model A/S32A-35A is the strange mobile crane you can see on aircraft carrier for carry airplane or material.

It’s terrible what you are able to assemble when you don’t have any inspiration.
The bodyframe is composed of a mesh of beam assembled to support all the elements. At the rear, the battery box is used as counterweight.

02_left 03_right
04_aft_left 05_upper_view
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4 PF motor are hidden in the body to provide 4 functions:
One PF-XL for the propulsion through axles 2 and 3
One PF-M motor for the steering of the axles 1 and 3 via mini linear actuator
Two PF-L motors use to actuate two winches.
The small pneumatic cylinders are here only for aesthetic. They keep the cable tighten but unfortunately they prevent the main mast from go down under its own weight when it’s not loaded.

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