City Tow Truck

(Note: This post is currently unfinished and will be completed soon)

This little MOC was initially supposed to be a simple delivery truck that needs assistance, and which would be helped by a large tow truck (a future MOC).
It turns out that it begun a small tow truck which assists a broken down Corvette.
Actually I bought the Corvette because I didn’t have a vehicle to tow with this MOC.

It is a mid-sizevehicle used to rescue cars or light truck. Its compact dimensions are very helpful to operate in urban environment or on freeways.
It comes with all the tools required to winch and tow a broken down vehicle.
This truck is approximately the same size as LEGO Technic set 42093 Corvette.
The main features are:

IMG_4084 All images are available on FlickR

  • Hand-of-god steering
  • Working fake 4-cylinder engine
  • Opening hood and doors
  • Rear stabilizer
  • Erectable and telescopic crane with auto-locking winch
  • Rear foldable car support

Instructions are available on

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