6×6 Trucks

Back in february 2020 I built a large <6×6 off road truck> with custom tires, planetary hub and a gearbox, all powered by a Bu w izz bluetooth controller. These new Moc was made in two version, the first one in a flatbed version, the second one in a tipper version. The difference are not on ly aesthetic, the chassis are also different.
Let’s see that.

Some common parts

Both truck shares a common suspension design. It is adapted from the big truck: forward pendular axle and rear tandem axle without springs. The main change come from the transmission. Instead of having a cu joint powering the fwd axle, the transmission is made between the two axles. This design prevents the extension of the transmission axle when the suspensions are used. The cabin and hood design is also common to both track.

Flatbed Truck

The first version of the two is a flatbed trade. The main feature comes from the gearbox.
In high gear, the two PF-L motors are not reduced and power only the rear axles. The track is so in 6×4 mode.
In low gear, the reduction is 3: 5 and both fwd and rear axles are powered, the truck is in 6×6. The gearbox is actuated by a PF-M motor in the cabin.
All motor are powered by a Baw izz controller installed in the cabin and accessible via the back panel of the cabin.

Tipper Truck

For this second truck, the chassis has been reworked to accommodate a single PF-X L motor for the propulsion. The gearbox is now replaced by a central differential. It can be locked with a P F-M Motor. The Baw izz is now located under the hood and allows a more convenient access. Another function is available with the tipper. It is directly inspired by the LEGO set 42043 Mercedes Arocs.
Sans titreSans titre
Sans titreSans titre
Final though

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Al tough both truck are really ” interesting” each their own way, a third version combining PF-xu, gearbox, bun izz under the hood and tipper function should be great.
Instructions for both trucks are available on Rebricable. com (click here to visit my profile)