Airport catering truck

If you ever took an airplane you probably have seen this kind of truck, here to load the (horrible) food on plane so you won’t be starving during your 12 hours flight.

The full album is available on FlickR.

This MOC is simple, no power functions have been used inside. Everything is pneumatic. Except the steering through 20t gear at the rear end.
There is extensible outriggers for the stability, and the container is cover with paper for a matter of weight.
The cabin is a re-use from the previous Ruthmann Cargo Loader MOC.

002 004
009 013

Pneumatic selector and pump are hidden inside and behind the cabin. They are easily accessible and invisible when the doors are closed.


However, there is one issue with the design of this truck: the chassis isn’t stiff enough so it bends (see in video).

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