Terex MAC 25-3

The MAC 25 is a pick&carry crane made by Terex Australia. It is basically an articuled AWD truck with a crane mounted in the middle which can move when loaded. Very usefull .
you can find on youtube a video of the real machine.

The full album is available on FlickR.

The MOC is articulated thanks to two steering ball joint.
There is 4 PF motors:
– 1 PF-XL for propulsion (all wheel drive)
– 1 PF-L for steering using to two mini Linear actuator
– 1 PF-L used for lifting the boom
– 1 PF-M for the winch (hidden in the boom)
The battery box is at the aft end of the truck and is used as counterweight.


This MOC is … well, 50/50. 50% great, 50% disappointing.
Great because it is actually exactly what I wanted to achieve. A little fun truck with a crane you can easily play with.
Disappointing because of it look. The cabin is totally fucked up, the boom isn’t stiff enough and not telescopic. I did not was skilled enough to improve it, so, a new version will be built one day, maybe bigger.



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